The Méhari originated from a 2CV jeep project prototyped in the late 1950s. The first Méhari was born in 1968; it is a leisure and open-air car. It is based on the Dyane chassis and has the 602cm3 engine from the Ami 6.
In 1979, the Méhari 4x4 intended for the military was introduced. It is notably distinguished by its optional spare wheel placed on the hood. Production ceased in 1983.
The production of the Méhari ended in 1987.

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Technical Sheet: 2CV4 - 2CV6
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Technical Sheet: Dyane - Acadiane
Technical Sheet: Ami 6 - Ami 8
Technical Sheet: DS - ID


YearModelsEngine TypeEngine CodeDisplacementCompression RatioDIN Power and TorqueCarburetor
After October 1968MéhariM28/1AK2602 cm38.5:128.5hp Din at 6750rpm - 39Nm at 3500rpmSingle body
Until July 1978MéhariM28/1AK2602 cm38.5:126hp Din at 5500rpm - 39Nm at 3500rpmDouble body
July 1978 to July 1987MéhariM28/1A06/635602 cm38.5:129hp Din at 5750rpm - 39Nm at 3500rpm

Serial Number

YearModelSerial Number
1968Méhari? to 9,169,299
1969Méhari9,169,300 to 9,999,999
00CA0001 to 00CA1900
1970Méhari00CA1901 to 01CA3028
1971Méhari01CA3028 to 02CA4500
1972Méhari02CA4501 to 03CA5000
1973Méhari03CA5001 to 04CA6000
1974Méhari04CA6001 to 06CA1001
1975Méhari06CA1001 to 06CA9999
1976Méhari07CA1001 to 07CA9999
1977Méhari08CA1001 to 08CA9999
1978Méhari09CA1001 to 07CA8000
Méhari 4x4
09CA8001 to 10CA4000
00CE0001 to 00CE1000
Méhari 4x4
10CA4001 to 11CA0500
00CE1001 to 00CE2000
Méhari 4x4
11CA0501 to 11CA9999
00CE2001 to 00CE4000
Méhari 4x4
12CA0001 to 12CA7000
00CE4001 to 00CE5000
Méhari 4x4
12CA7001 to 13CA3000
00CE5001 to ?
1984Méhari13CA3001 to 14CA1000
1985Méhari14CA1001 to 14CA9999
1986Méhari15CA0001 to 15CA3000
1987Méhari15CA3001 to ?